A Guide to Aquariums

a2.PNGAquariums are places where fish, animals, and plants are kept for viewing purposes. They include both small and large tanks depending on the size of the aquarium. The plants that are planted are those that like humidity and those thrive in moisture and due environment. In all aquariums fish are the main pets that are kept on the aquariums. There are also wall aquariums that are very easy to design. One does not spend a lot of time thinking what design they have to use. There are very many species such as goldfish. Jellyfish that are very attractive to the eyes. In these tanks, the people can comfortably feed the fish by placing food on the water walls attracting the fish to the surface of the aquarium. Hey also provide very crucial relaxing time as people can just go and watch the fish as they swim and move from end to end. Other types of creatures are the reptiles. There are crocodiles and lizards, turtles and also some snake species because the reptiles are cold-blooded there is a need to provide a habitat that is hot using a heat lamp. There could also be birds in the cages for the sake of interactive aquariums. People visiting there can feed them and talk to them as the mimic what they say and do. The aquarium can be made for home use for keeping pets, or it can be commercially designed as an attraction site. Another aquarium like sea quest will contain even mermaids which people will watch as they swim in the waters. People can also put their feet into these fish tanks so that fish get attracted and come close to them. This feels better.

The aquarium can be kept in freshwater and saltwater. Freshwater is preferred for home aquariums while for commercial purposes both of them can be used. Maintenance of the aquarium is very important. One should check the water conditions in the aquarium such as the PH level. Maintaining the PH at optimum, many fish will survive. Also one should eliminate all the organic wastes unconsumed food can contaminate the water leading to the unhealthy living of the fish. One is supposed to periodically change the water while ensuring that you do not disturb the biological environment. Check the tanks filtration systems to ensure that they are very effective in taking pollutants away from the aquarium. Therefore aquariums need regular maintenance to ensure that the animals thrive in a good environment.https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aquarium